Friday, November 8, 2013

Whaddup ? dyla's here (; hahah I think its been a long time didn't update my blogger right ? so now I'm back (: with a new life , new activities , and new in everythings (; no more "superboy" , "superboy meet princess" sudah tidak wujud , THE END . hahaha , yeaa even its hurt for me to eccept the reality , but I should accept it ! whatever is it I still respect himas my friend even he didn't but its okay (: I hope he will enjoy he life , get better life than before , I'll pray for he happiness , yess I do , I hope hewill too (: that only what I want to share actually . Wanna tell the world that no more " superboy meet princess " (: will change all the info , picture and everythings about superboy meet princess ASAP (': 

PrincessDyla :*

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